About us:

Iliya Immigration is a full service immigration boutique, specialized in all aspects of Canadian immigration. Our experts in processing, business development, appraisals, and accounting, provide all the needed services applicants would require in any program. We are proud of our achievements through the years, and are proactively making the necessary improvements, and make the required investments in the growth and development of our team, in order to continue offering a first class service to our clients, as well as strengthening relations with our business partners.

The strengths of Iliya Immigration are the in-depth knowledge of the immigration law, the complete team of experts in business development, accounting, and appraisals, plus the commitment to clarity and honesty towards all its clients and partners. We believe in progress through providing unparalleled comprehensive services, building trustworthy relations with all our clients and partners, and also through the implementation of advanced processing and follow up systems.

Our Organizational Chart: